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PINCUSHION is the latest in the series of games by sandcastle, titled "random games that I felt like making". You might notice some similarity to other pin throwing games. Rest assured, PINCUSHION is as unique as you are!

In PINCUSHION, your job is to stick all of your pins in the unsuspecting, spinning pincushion in the center of the screen. It's a lot harder than it looks! There are 50 levels of varying difficulty to master, and a variety of pins that each have their own unique effects. Figuring out what each pin does - and timing your pins - is crucial to success in PINCUSHION. And if you can complete all 50 levels, then I will gladly admit that you are an expert pin-sticker. Maybe that'll translate into success for you later in life.

PINCUSHION also features time-based leaderboards for each level. Do you have what it takes to beat the times of every single player in the world?

Install instructions

Grab Pincushion from the Google Play store or download the apk directly here! (note - you may want to consider the Play store version for automatic notifications of updates)


com.aaaa.pincushion.1.0.9.apk 11 MB

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